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Funeral services for Mina Gandhi will take place Sunday September 1st from 11-1pm at Holy Cross Cemetery. Holy Cross Cemetery is located at 840 Cranbury South River Road in East Brunswick, NJ.

Funeral services for Jagdish Shah will take place Friday, August 23rd from 1-3pm at Holy Cross Cemetery. Holy Cross Cemetery is located at 840 Cranbury South River Road in East Brunswick, NJ.

Funeral services for Vamsi Madhav Korrapati will take place Sunday, August 18th from 11:30-2pm at Holy Cross Cemetery. Holy Cross Cemetery is located at 840 Cranbury South River Road in East Brunswick, NJ.

Vamsi Korrapati is a very pleasant, fun loving person and a loving father. His native place is Nellore, a small town in South India. He has loving parents and two siblings. As a Doctor , he was unequivocally loved by his colleagues and patients. He is an amazing father and is known to bring nothing but smile on the people around. He is also known for kind heartedness and came forward to lead charitable events and touched many lives in this process. He will be greatly missed but will continue to live in our heart for ever.

⁃ Family and Friends of Vamsi


“Dear All, Thank you for understanding our pain, and walking with us all the way.  The family is indebted to you beyond measure and we couldn’t find the words to express our gratitude.”


“Dear Dawn, A father’s death is difficult for any family and given the circumstances, it was even more difficult for us. I know my Dad’s soul is at rest and I am glad he found that peace at a place with caring people.”


“To the Staff at Hindu Funeral Home, My Father was sent to India without any hassle or delay, on time and exactly as I saw him at The Hindu Funeral Home.  My thanks to The Hindu Funeral Home for making things comfortable and for timely communication of every stage.”


“To Alex, I was surprised to see my grandmother on Saturday look better than she did the last time I saw her.  It was also nice for everyone else to see her looking peacefully at rest than old and ill.  Your skills are almost magical.  Thanks too for a very comforting experience and tolerance for our beliefs, though I suspect you knew more about the pot-breaking than I did.”


“Your prompt responses and guidance during a most difficult time has helped immensely.  A personal thanks to Greg and Chris.  Your attention to detail and patience in answering numerous calls was simply exceptional.”


“To Greg and Dawn, I would like to dearly thank you all for your help from beginning until the end.”


“To Dawn and Marla, We really appreciate your support and working closely with us to ensure everything was taken care of as per our wishes. Sincere thanks.”


“Greg, on behalf of our group of nursing student I’d like to offer our profound gratitude for your immense help.  We appreciate the time you spent with us and the wealth of information you shared.  In short:  thanks so much.  Rest assured we got an ‘A’ on our presentation (Asian Indian funeral rites)


“We never expected our Father to pass away so quickly and so we were not prepared. I remember hearing about Hindu Funeral home. Our Hospice nurse called and they were very courteous and told us quickly what to expect. There was empathy and respect. Dawn informed about priest and flowers providers and what to expect with Hindu Pooja and steps. Throughout the process Alex, Dawn & Marla made us comfortable and treated us with respect. Thank you and God Bless.”


From A Fellow Funeral Director in North Carolina:  “Dear Greg, I just want to write to say how much I appreciate your assistance with the repatriation.  Your expertise made it so much easier for me as a funeral director, not to mention the speed in returning…”

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